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Towards removal of gcc/DATESTAMP


The following command prints the same string as DATESTAMP file
contains in all gcc-7 and later based branches I've tried so far (and nothing when
e.g. invoked from within svn checkout).

o=$(git config --get gcc-config.upstream); test -z "$o" && o=origin; r=$(cat BASE-VER | cut -d. -f 1); b=; if git rev-parse --verify --quiet $o/releases/gcc-$r >/dev/null; then b=origin/releases/gcc-$r; elif git rev-parse --verify --quiet $o/releases/gcc-9 >/dev/null; then b=$o/master; fi; test -n "$b" && TZ=UTC LC_ALL=C git log --date=iso -1 $(git merge-base HEAD $b) | sed -n 's/^Date:[[:blank:]]*//p' | sed 's/ .*$//;s/-//g'

I haven't bothered with the bumping at 00:16 UTC, the script assumes bump
on 00:00 UTC instead.

Do we want to replace DATESTAMP bumping with something like that?

There are several issues that need to be figured out:

1) some trees will not be git repositories, e.g. release tarballs, snapshot
   tarballs or e.g. vendor gcc tarball snapshots; for release
   tarballs/snapshots, we could arrange for gcc_release to create
   gcc/DATESTAMP file that way and have some script e.g. for vendors to
   use that would do the same; gcc/ then could use
   gcc/DATESTAMP if it is present, fallback to git command above (perhaps
   made more portable if needed) and fail if neither works?
2) in gcc/, e.g. version.o depends on DATESTAMP file and the
   rebuild happens when the timestamp on that file changes; should we
   e.g. create gcc/DATESTAMP file in the build directory with some
   move-if-change hacks around and let version.o depend on a goal that
   will do that and on the build directory gcc/DATESTAMP?
3) should we handle gcc/REVISION stuff similarly (and use what
   gcc-descr alias does without that alias) for that commit, perhaps
   with --full or maybe just with somewhat smaller --abbrev= (say 20 rather
   than 40 chars)?


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