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Re: git conversion in progress

On Sat, 11 Jan 2020, Thomas Koenig wrote:

> Hm... I just hope this is a one-time effect, and isn't an indication
> that git uses much more resources, server-side, so the current
> infrastructure is not up to the task.  Is git that much more
> resource hungry than svn? Or is this unrelated?

I think fetching everything from scratch (which everyone is now doing) is 
much more resource hungry than updating an existing git clone.

The GitHub mirror has successfully updated: (that has everything, including the 
not-fetched by default refs, plus GitHub-specific refs/pull/* refs for 
pull requests people created on GitHub in the past).

I've also pushed the converted repository to GitLab: (that has everything as it came out of the 
conversion process, but not the hook configuration in refs/meta/config 
that I created after the conversion was done).

So you can clone either of those and then update the settings in 
.git/config to point to the repository on instead for future 
fetches and commits.

The GitHub mirror should keep automatically updating in future, but I 
won't be updating the GitLab repository.

It's possible that doing a first clone with --mirror and then other clones 
using --reference to use the mirror clone for the objects will also reduce 
resource usage (it will certainly save on disk space locally if you have 
separate checkouts of different branches), but note the caveats about 
--reference in the git-clone manpage.

Joseph S. Myers

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