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Re: GIT: Monotonically increasing trunk and release branch ids

On Fri, Jan 10, 2020 at 11:45 AM Jakub Jelinek <> wrote:
> Hi!
> As I said earlier, one thing I find useful in svn compared to git are
> the monotonically increasing revision numbers that we at Red Hat e.g. use
> in our gcc bisect seed but I find it useful even in bugzilla everyday use.
> With the help of various folks on IRC, I have something that seems to work.
> We would need to add some tags (I wouldn't bother with pre-GCC 5 era,
> because that doesn't have single number version numbers in the branch
> names), like:
> for r in 10 9 8 7 6; do
>   git tag branchpoints/gcc-$r `git rev-list $(git merge-base origin/master origin/releases/gcc-$(expr $r - 1))..origin/master | tail -1`
> done
> git tag branchpoints/gcc-5 `git rev-list $(git merge-base origin/master origin/releases/gcc-4.9)..origin/master | tail -1`
> and aliases:
> git config --local alias.descr \!"f() { git describe --all --match 'branchpoints/gcc-[0-9]*' \${1-master} | sed -n 's,^tags/branchpoints/gcc-\\([0-9]\\+\\)-\\([0-9]\\+\\)-g[0-9a-f]*\$,r\\1-\\2,p;s,^tags/branchpoints/gcc-\\([0-9]\\+\\)\$,r\\1-0,p'; }; f"
> git config --local alias.undescr \!"f() { r=\$(echo \$1 | sed -n 's,^r\\([0-9]\\+\\)-[0-9]\\+\$,\\1,p'); n=\$(echo \$1 | sed -n 's,^r[0-9]\\+-\\([0-9]\\+\\)\$,\\1,p'); test -z \$r && echo Invalid id \$1 && exit 1; h=\$(git rev-parse --verify --quiet origin/releases/gcc-\$r); if test -z \$h; then h=\$(git rev-parse --verify --quiet origin/master); fi; p=\$(git describe --all --match 'branchpoints/gcc-'\$r \$h | sed -n 's,^tags/branchpoints/gcc-[0-9]\\+-\\([0-9]\\+\\)-g[0-9a-f]*\$,\\1,p;s,^tags/branchpoints/gcc-[0-9]\\+\$,0,p'); git rev-parse --verify \$h~\$(expr \$p - \$n); }; f"
> Then e.g.
> $ git descr origin/master
> r10-5824
> $ git undescr r10-5824
> 42950b74c9b103676f99dc9f1a27859e3f7be436
> $ git rev-parse origin/master
> 42950b74c9b103676f99dc9f1a27859e3f7be436
> $ git descr branchpoints/gcc-10
> r10-0
> $ git undescr r10-0
> fb7c6bf5aba75edc0cd439e0f07af3757bbda973
> $ git descr branchpoints/gcc-10~
> r9-7160
> $ git undescr r9-7160
> a5bc16f3199c9aa43aec5af2c2839a1cd4bfce1e
> $ git rev-parse branchpoints/gcc-10
> fb7c6bf5aba75edc0cd439e0f07af3757bbda973
> $ git rev-parse branchpoints/gcc-10~
> a5bc16f3199c9aa43aec5af2c2839a1cd4bfce1e
> $ git descr2 origin/releases/gcc-9
> r9-8116
> $ git undescr r9-8116
> 3de43a2189f1e74b73b024109b922d7279dc7658

Yep, this is a lot like I was suggesting at

except I didn't think it was necessary to trim the trailing SHA.  I
also suggested creating a tag for the beginning of time to use in
naming your compiler binaries.

> I'm sorry for my limited git-fu, could those branchpoints
> tags be something that is fetched by default (given they would be added only
> once a year for each trunk commit after the branching, usually the
> BASE-VER bumping to N+1.0.0)?
> As it is short, could it be something we'd put as first thing in the gcc-cvs
> mail subjects (of course, only for trunk and release branch commits; like
> the current svn mails start with rNNNNNN - ), and somewhere before or after the hash
> in the body which also makes it into bugzilla?
> Another thing, we right now have the useful redirects.
> For those (i.e. SVN revisions), do we want them to point to the read-only SVN repo
> svnweb, or remap those to the gitweb?
> Can we get similarly (for 1-2 decimal digits before - and 1-6
> decimal digits after it) pointing to the gitweb using the git undescr and let
> bugzilla turn those rNN-NNNN strings in the comments into URLs?
> Yet another thing are git hashes.  For those, I'd be afraid that turning [0-9a-f]{7,}
> into URLs might trigger too often, do we want to use some prefix, like g12345ab to
> be;a=commit;h=12345ab ?  If we'd add an prefix,
> then we should also adjust the gcc-cvs mail content to use those prefixes in there.

At I
suggested the prefix "g:".


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