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Re: Rescue of prehistoric GCC versions

On Thu, 9 Jan 2020, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> If anyone else can scrounge up materials that could help complete
> the fossil sequence, now would be a really good time for that.  We
> have only three days at most left to integrate them.

I want to consider the conversion machinery essentially frozen at this 
point and not to add any new features not present in the conversion now 
being reviewed (we can still fix e.g. isolated commit authors or summaries 
or any serious bugs found, but in the absence of bugs I intend to stay 
with reposurgeon commit 82ba8de65882affb7ffabb4433cfd1db3a14215c as used 
to generate the gcc-reposurgeon-8 test conversion, and any gcc-conversion 
changes should be to fix bugs or isolated authors or commit summaries).  
That is, history based on tarballs should be on the side, not as ancestors 
of history converted from SVN, as I described at 
<>, so such a version of 
history can be developed at leisure without distracting from reviewing the 
main conversion or risking perturbing it unnecessarily.

Joseph S. Myers

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