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Re: GIT conversion: question about tags & release branches

On 1/9/20 11:51 AM, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
SVN makes tags using copy operations.  By default this tends to result in the copies hanging off the side of the main branch and so the tags are not in a particularly git-friendly location.  Reposurgeon has code now to try to spot this and collapse them back to the branch revision they were copied from.  I think Joseph's next candidate conversion should show this fixed.

Great, thanks for explanation.

However, some CVS-era tags cannot be fixed up in this way because of slight differences in the content between the branch and the tag (tagging was not an atomic operation and race conditions meant that changes were being made to the repo while the tag was taking place). For those cases the tag will always be on a side branch.

I do care for SVN era only.

Anyway, please check Joseph's next candidate to see if this shows what you expect -- I think it should be out later today.

I'll check it once it's published.


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