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Re: Could I obtain the forms needed to make a contribution?

Hi Guys,

Sorry I switched off the email for the holidays.

I guess the problem with the linker error is, we have a distributed
build system with the linking occurring at the very end of the build
(we have a slow build, that's a different problem though).

So it's compile time that this would be preferable like -Wdate-time
does. Would introducing a new warning be the only way to achieve this?
Other than the clever linker way below?

On 19/12/2019, Dmitry Grinberg <> wrote:
> Why not just add "-D__LINE__=LinkerError_LineMacroUsed_DoNotDoThat()" to
> ----
> Best Regards,
> Dmitry Grinberg
> On Mon, Dec 16, 2019 at 3:51 AM Eric Curtin <> wrote:
>> I want to add a compiler warning, if it will get accepted. It's a
>> -Wlines warning. My employer bans the __LINE__ macro as well as the
>> ones warned by the -Wdate-time warning, because there is a consensus
>> that the addition of whitespace or comments should not yield different
>> binary output for our project. Would this patch get accepted?

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