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Re: The far past of GCC

On Sat, 2019-12-28 at 03:53 -0500, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> In moving the history of a project old enough to have used
> more than one version-control system, I think it's good practice
> to mark the strata.  I'm even interested in pinning down the 
> RCS-to-CVS cutover, if there's enough evidence to establish that.
> I've added an issue to the tracker about this:
> If you have knowledge of the relevant dates or SVN revisions, please
> leave a comment on the issue.
> I'm making this a public request becauause there was talk of gluing 
> very old, pre-CVS tarballs to the history. Reposurgeon has primitives
> to do this gracefully because one of my projects, INTERCAL, was old
> enough to have pre-CVS tarballs and I felt there was value in preserving
> that ancient history.
> I think there is rather more value in preserving GCC's ancient history!
> If nothing else, there are very few data sets on codebase growth with
> as long a timespan.
> Therefore, if you know where I can retrieve pre-CVS tarballs of GCC,
> please leave the URLs in a comment on that issue thread.  I know about
> the official GCC download page; the oldest tarball on it is evidently
> from 1997, and I assume that is well after the project was CVSed. I'm
> looking for older sources.
I don't have a gitlab account, so I'm commenting here.

I believe RCS was initially used circa 1992 on the FSF machine which
held the canonical GCC sources.  But I'm not aware of anyone still
having a copy of the old RCS ,v files.

THere's a slight chance we've got the old gcc2 snapshots in the Cygnus
CVS tree (assuming I could still find it) -- we may have imported the
snapshots onto CVS branches -- I can't really remember anymore.

FOr old releases, the best resource I know of is:

That has stuff all the way back to gcc-0.9, circa 1987.  It's nowhere
near complete.  You'll also find that in that era things were split up.
ie, the C++ compiler & runtime were separate distributions from the C
compiler & code generator, similarly for the old g77 compiler, gnat,

You may find other nuggets in there.  


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