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Re: Test GCC conversions (publicly) available

Joseph Myers <>:
> On Thu, 19 Dec 2019, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> > There are other problems that might cause a delay beyond the
> > 31st, however. Best if I let Joseph nd Richard explain those.
> I presume that's referring to the checkme: bug annotations where the PR 
> numbers in commit messages seem suspicious.  I don't think that's 
> something to delay the conversion unless we're clearly close to having a 
> complete review of all those cases done; at the point of the final 
> conversion we should simply change the script not to modify commit 
> messages in any remaining unresolved suspicious cases.

No, I was thinking more of rearnsha bailing out to handle a family emergency
and muttering something about not being back for a couple of weeks. If that's
been resolved I haven't heard about it.

The only conversion blocker that I know is still live is the wrong attributions
in some ChangeLog cases.  I'm sure we'll get that fixed soon; at this point
I'm more worried about getting the test suite to run clean again.

The scenario I want to avoid is the where you get a conversion that looks 
production-ready before I get my tests cleaned up, you deploy it -
and then I find something during the remainder of my cleanup that implies
a problem with your conversion.

A complicating factor is that I'm getting stale.  I've been going hammer and tongs 
at this for nearly three months now, and that's not counting all the previous
time on the Go translation. My defect rate is going up. I need a vacation 
or to work on something else for a while and I can't have that yet.

Never nind. We'll get this done.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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