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Re: Test GCC conversions (publicly) available


On Wed, 2019-12-18 at 21:55 +0000, Joseph Myers wrote:
> On Tue, 17 Dec 2019, Joseph Myers wrote:
> > I've made test conversions of the GCC repository with reposurgeon
> > available ( / account required to access
> > these git+ssh repositories, it doesn't need to be one in the gcc group
> > or to have shell access).  More information about the repositories,
> > conversion choices made and known issues is given below, and, as noted
> > there, I'm running another conversion now with fixes for some of those
> > issues and the remaining listed issues not fixed in that conversion
> > are being actively worked on.
> > 
> > git+ssh://
> > git+ssh://
> There are now four more repositories available.
> git+ssh://
> git+ssh://
> git+ssh://
> git+ssh://

For those without accounts I made mirrors at:

There is also a mirror of Maxim's gcc-reparent branch:
And the traditional gcc git-svn mirror:

The last two seem to be kept up to date with current svn.

Cloning should work through both git:// and (smart) https:// protocols.

Please be gentle. This is on a little machine in my basement.
Each full clone also takes 1GB+ of data. So you might just want to look
at them just through the cgit webinterface.

But hopefully it is still useful.

I will likely delete these again after we have picked a conversion we
actually want to use.

Do we already have a new date for when we are making that decision?



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