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Re: Proposal for the transition timetable for the move to GIT

On Mon, 2019-12-16 at 11:37 -0500, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
> Jeff Law <>:
> > > It may not be my place to say, but...I think the stakes are pretty
> > > high here.  If I were a GCC developer, I think I'd want the best
> > > possible conversion even if that takes a little longer.
> > Well, I'm not sure that's entirely true.
> OK, that's a policy choice the GCC project is going to have to make.
> I'm just the mechanic here.
Yup.  And I wouldn't be surprised if there is dissent regardless of
what final decision is made.
> Joseph Myers has made his choice.  He has said repeatedly that he
> wants to follow through with the reposurgeon conversion, and he's
> putting his effort behind that by writing tests and even contributing
> code to reposurgeon.
> We'll get this done faster if nobody is joggling his elbow. Or mine.
And just to be clear, my preference is for reposurgeon, if it's ready. 
But if it isn't, then I'm absolutely comfortable dropping back to
Maxim's conversion or even the existing mirror.


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