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LTO : question about get_untransformed_body


I am trying to use the function: `cgraph_node::get_untransformed_body` during
the wpa stage of a SIMPLE_IPA_PASS transformation. While the execute function
is running, I need to access the body of a function in order to iterate over
the gimple instructions in the first basic block. I have found that the
majority of the cgraph_node will return successfully. However, there are some
functions which consistently produce a segmentation fault following this

0xbc2adb crash_signal
0xa54858 lto_get_decl_name_mapping(lto_file_decl_data*, char const*)
0x7030e7 cgraph_node::get_untransformed_body()
0x150613f get_bb1_callees
0x150613f reach_nodes_via_bb1_dfs                        

Is there a way for `cgraph_node::get_untransformed_body` to succeed
consistently? (I.e. are there some preconditions that I need to make sure are
in place before calling cgraph_node::get_untransformed_body?

I am using gcc version 10.0.0 20191127 (experimental)


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