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Re: Branch and tag deletions

On Fri, 29 Nov 2019, Richard Biener wrote:

> Can't branches and tags be deleted after the conversion as well?

Yes (manually on the server, depending on the exact configuration we set 
up for what pushes are allowed), but deleting before conversion speeds up 
the process of verifying conversion correctness at branch tips and makes 
different conversions more comparable.

These are the current commented tag deletions from my most recent merge 
request which sorts them into logical groups.  I suggest we consider which 
of these we wish to delete, and also suggest that the answer should be all 
except maybe the vendor tags.  Note that some tags may be covered in more 
than one group, and the tag deletions by regexp include tags in 
subdirectories that match that regexp.

# Various tags with names that are meaningless in the context of the
# GCC repository.
tag ChangeLog delete
tag Ver01 delete
tag r2_00-beta delete
tag release-0-0 delete
tag release-0-1 delete
tag release-1-0 delete

# Tags to mark branchpoints (a CVS idiom, not relevant in git).
tag /branchpoint/ delete
# These branchpoint tags are also confusing by having the same names
# as the branches.
tag c++-compat-branch delete
tag cxx-reflection-branch delete

# Tags for external components imported as vendor branches or similar.
tag /GC_/ delete
tag /LIBTOOL_/ delete
tag /ZLIB_/ delete
tag stl-3_11 delete
tag stl-971028 delete
# Not sure exactly what this tag is for.
tag gettext_0_10_35 delete

# Tags for imports in general.
tag /import/ delete

# Other tags used to mark merge information.
tag /merge|before|after/ delete
tag cp-parser-mege-14 delete
tag ix86/gcc-4_1-branch delete
tag ix86/gcc-4_2-branch delete
# This merge tag is also confusing by having the same name as the branch.
tag function-specific-branch delete

# Snapshot tags (most have been deleted in SVN), including vendor
# snapshots.
tag /snapshot/ delete
tag bounded-pointers-ss-20000730 delete
tag gcc-3_0_pre_20010525 delete
tag gcc_3_0_pre_20010527 delete
tag gcc-3_3-e500-ss-20030904 delete
tag gcc-3-5-20040503 delete
tag libiberty_19980515 delete

# Dated tags that might be snapshots or imports or just a particular
# point on a branch.
tag devo_gcc_testsuite_970818 delete
tag etc_19980515 delete
tag f_torture_10011997 delete
tag java-gui-update-20040619 delete
tag objc-improvements-candidate-20030915 delete
tag objc-improvements-candidate-20030922 delete
tag pch-commit-20020603 delete

# Tags for a particular point on a development branch.
tag immuse-rewrite-abstract delete
tag immuse-rewrite-alpha delete
tag immuse-rewrite-beta delete
tag immuse-rewrite-start delete
tag itanium_sched_branch_251102 delete
tag pre-cni-catch-change delete

# Tags for vendor releases.
tag /ARM/ delete
tag /apple/gcc/ delete
tag /csl/ delete
tag /linaro-/ delete
tag /microblaze-/ delete
tag /st/GCC/ delete
tag /ubuntu/gcc-/ delete
tag egcs_1_0_x_redhat5_1 delete
tag gcc-1766 delete
tag gcc-3_2-rhl8-3_2-7 delete
tag ix86/gcc_4_3_1_release delete

Joseph S. Myers

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