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Re: Branch and tag deletions

On Tue, 26 Nov 2019, Eric S. Raymond wrote:

> Joseph Myers <>:
> > A further note: in a previous run of the conversion I didn't see any 
> > emptycommit-* tags.  In my most recent conversion run, I see 4070 such 
> > tags.  How do I tell reposurgeon never to create such tags?  Or should I 
> > add a tag deletion command for them in gcc.lift, once tag deletion is 
> > working reliably?
> That's what tag deletion by regexp is for.

One more observation on that: in my last test conversion, deleting the 
emptycommit-* tags took over 7 hours (i.e. the bulk of the time for the 
conversion was spent just deleting those tags).  Deleting tags matching 
/-root$/ took about half an hour.  So I think there is a performance issue 
somewhere with (some cases of) tag deletion by regexp, at least when the 
regexp matches a large number of tags (but some other bulk deletions seem 
to run much quicker per tag).  Taking a few seconds per tag is fine for an 
individual deletion, but a problem when you want to delete 4070 tags at 

Joseph S. Myers

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