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Re: Branch and tag deletions

Joseph Myers <>:
> > I'm more worried about missing files. I saw a bunch of those on my
> > last test.  This could be spurious - the elaborate set of branch
> > mappings you specified confuses my validation test, because there is
> > no longer a 1-1 corresponsence between Subversion and git branches.
> I'm hoping any such missing file problems come from bugs in the old SVN 
> dump reader with complicated commits mixing copies / deletions / 
> replacements with copies from other locations and that your rewrite will 
> fix the semantics in such cases.

Also possible.  

The old code was a hairball. The new code is a bunch of relatively simple
sequential passes - 10 so far, final version likely to have 12 or 13 - with
well-defined preconditions and exit contracts. If nothing else this is
going to make troubleshooting any remaining defects much easier.

> All the current gcc-conversion merge requests, both mine and Richard's, 
> should now be set to allow rebasing.

They were, and are all merged now, except for one that Richard just landed. 
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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