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Remove my name from AArch64 port maintainers


After personal reflection on my current day-to-day involvement with the
GCC project and the expected behaviours and responsibilities delegated to
GNU project maintainers, I have come to the conclusion that the AArch64
port maintenance role is not one I am able to continue to commit to.

This patch therefore removes my name from the AArch64 maintainers list.
I've left my name under write-after-approval, just in case I need it in

Thanks to the steering committee for the opportunity to contribute to GCC
as a maintainer, I've very much enjoyed seeing the many contributions to
the AArch64 port over the past two years.

Kyrill Tkachov, Richard Earnshaw, Richard Sandiford and Marcus Shawcroft
make for a great team of maintainers - I fully expect the AArch64 to
continue to thrive under their watch.

Best Regards,

2019-11-19  James Greenhalgh  <>

	* MAINTAINERS (aarch64 port): Remove my name, move to...
	(Write After Approval): ...Here.

index 1385214f789..54edab3f177 100644
@@ -44,7 +44,6 @@ docs, and the testsuite related to that.
 			CPU Port Maintainers	(CPU alphabetical order)
 aarch64 port		Richard Earnshaw	<>
-aarch64 port		James Greenhalgh	<>
 aarch64 port		Richard Sandiford	<>
 aarch64 port		Marcus Shawcroft	<>
 aarch64 port		Kyrylo Tkachov		<>
@@ -399,6 +398,7 @@ Jan-Benedict Glaw				<>
 Marc Glisse					<>
 Prachi Godbole					<>
 Torbjorn Granlund				<>
+James Greenhalgh				<>
 Doug Gregor					<>
 Matthew Gretton-Dann				<>
 Yury Gribov					<>

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