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ToDos on Parallel GCC Wiki

Greetings Richard,

Seems some of these things can either be closed or discussed here:

Add support to a multithread environment to Garbage Collector:

This may not matter as memory is in bulk at the beginning of passes. I've benchmarked

it and its less than 5% on the GCC test farm machines with make -j64.

Parallelize RTL part. This will improve our current results, as indicated in Results chapter:

struct function or function.c if I recall is using the most as one file at around 20-30% for

sure in building gcc with make -j64.

Make this GCC compile itself:

It does  now and I just tested it but I assuming he means with threads on and I'm not sure how

to enable them in the core Makefile for gcc or if just exporting CC/CXX is earlier with it

turned on.

I've also looked into the Linux Kernel work queues as those can scale much better than just

launching in async as we are doing currently. On the  testingside seems the Yocto Project is

working on testing upstream heads of projects like gcc. I've asked them to bring it up at the

usual IOT/Embedded Linux Conference meeting. This will also us to have access to not only

the gcc testsuite but access to build lots of real world software packages in a pretty automated

way as that was one concern that Giuliano brought up at the Cauldron this year.

Also if someone opens a more detailed ToDo with Bugs or something I would be able to help out more

or just CC on the issues or work that is ongoing as frankly seems I'm not been keeping good track,


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