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Re: Commit messages and the move to git

On 07/11/2019 14:27, Eric S. Raymond wrote:
Jeff Law <>:
On 11/4/19 3:29 AM, Richard Earnshaw (lists) wrote:
With the move to git fairly imminent now it would be nice if we could
agree on a more git-friendly style of commit messages; and, ideally,
start using them now so that the converted repository can benefit from

Some tools, particularly gitk or git log --oneline, can use one-line
summaries from a commit's log message when listing commits.  It would be
nice if we could start adopting a style that is compatible with this, so
that in future commits are summarized in a useful way.  Unfortunately,
some of our existing commits show no useful information with tools like
I'd suggest we sync policy with glibc.  They're further along on the
ChangeLog issues.  Whatever they do in this space we should follow --
aren't we going to be using some of their hooks/scripts?

Note that my reposurgeon conversion recipe runs gitify on the repository.

 From the documentation:

     Attempt to massage comments into a git-friendly form with a blank
     separator line after a summary line.  This code assumes it can insert
     a blank line if the first line of the comment ends with '.', ',', ':',
     ';', '?', or '!'.  If the separator line is already present, the comment
     won't be touched.

     Takes a selection set, defaulting to all commits and tags.

Which makes me wonder if, given a commit log of the form:

2019-10-30  Richard Biener  <>

        PR tree-optimization/92275
        * tree-vect-loop-manip.c (slpeel_update_phi_nodes_for_loops):
        Copy all loop-closed PHIs.

        * gcc.dg/torture/pr92275.c: New testcase.

Where the first line is a ChangeLog style date and author, we could spot the PR line below that and hoist it up as a more useful summary (perhaps by copying it rather than moving it).

It wouldn't fix all commits, but even just doing this for those that have PRs would be a help.


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