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NLNet funding proposal for donations to gcc vector processor

Long story short, caveats first:

* this is not recruitment
* it is not a job offer either (so cannot go on the FSF page)
* i asked on irc and contacted the steering committee but did not receive a
* the deadline is Oct 1st so there is time pressure

I am looking for people who would like to be the recipient of charitable
donations, direct from the NLNet Foundation [1] for the purposes of a gcc
vector processor port to the newly developed Libre RISC-V SoC.

This processor is a hybrid CPU / VPU / GPU with an entirely unique type of
"tagged" vectorisation that effectively turns scalar operations into
parallel ones.

It is quite similar to the Cray Vector Engine, which forms the basis of the
RISCV RVV Extension.  With the addition of RVV support to LLVM one of my
big concerns is that gcc will be left behind, here.

If anyone over the next few days and weeks sees this message and would like
to work on a gcc port, based on the *existing* RISC-V gcc port, please do
get in touch promptly and/or ask questions, here.

With thanks and gratitude,


[1] EU Grant  No 825310
charitable tax status agreements established, links available

crowd-funded eco-conscious hardware:

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