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Re: [EXT] Re: Questions about initialization data during LTO

On 9/13/19 5:20 AM, Martin Liška wrote:
> External Email
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------
> On 9/11/19 7:27 PM, Gary Oblock wrote:
>> I'm trying to do a set of optimizations that drastically transform the
>> layout of arrays of structures.
> You're probably talking about struct-reorg pass that we used to have.
> Last note about the optimization I have comes from Cauldron 2015:
> You may be interested. You can also contact Olga, she can probably share details of her work.
> Martin
Martin --

I've got what I feel is a good approach of my own and it's similar to
some of the
other proposals floating around on the Internet and to ideas from other

I actually work for the people that employed Olga to do the structure
reorg work
and her approach, which I'm trying not to duplicate, was never completed.

So, back to my questions, any ideas about how to get initialization
information? This
is going to be a very powerful optimization for code with structures of
arrays and
I just need a little help getting around a few obstacles in my path.


-- Gary

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