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[GSoC-19] Final Evaluations

The deadline for final evaluations is 26th of August and there are
certain things that I need to submit along with the code.
A link has to be submitted of the codes that I have written and I am
thinking of doing it as a github gist along with links to commits to
my gcc fork. I know that the documentation in the respective .texi
files is still remaining, of whatever changes I have made and I will
do it as soon as I can but I have to give some of my time to
university exams from 20th to 24th of this month.
I also need to mention the codes that have been merged with the
original source code of GCC. I don't know what codes are OK to be
merged with GCC.
Patches I have submitted till now :


Other things like FADD variants expansion and fromfp variants
expansion that needed to be completed in the course of GSoC is
remaining and I am trying my best to complete it till the end of
deadline. Even if some work remains, I will continue to work on them
to completion and also want to extend my work with other intricacies
or works, even in the ISO/IEC specifications/extensions.


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