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Re: Faster number printing and pointer alignment algorithms.

Hi Cale,

On Mon, 19 Aug 2019 at 19:50, Cale McCollough <> wrote:
> My name is Cale McCollough and I'm the author of the Fastest Method to
> Print Integers and Floating-point Numbers, the Puff algorithm, that
> eliminates over half of the division instructions from the
> industry-standard mod 100 div 100 technique, saving hundreds to thousands
> of clock cycles and eliminating one division instruction from Grisu2, the
> world's fastest floating-point-to-string algoihrm.

How does performance of your method compare to that of Ryū
(sources[1], paper[2])?


> The article can be found
> at:
> The other Visual-C++ optimization I have for the community is the Fastest
> Method to Align Pointers, which uses only 3 instructions plus loading the
> mask. I have verified is faster than Microsoft and GCC implementation. The
> article can be found at:
> Also, I have invested all of my time and labor into these open-source
> technologies, have worked for years without pay, and I am looking for a
> cool job that can facilitate my MongoDB/BJSON competitor called the ASCII
> Abstract Data Specification, Chinese Room Abstract Stack Machine (Crabs),
> SCRIPT Protocol, and Script2. Thanks.


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