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Re: GCC 9.2 Status Report (2019-08-05), branch frozen for release


The first 9.2 release candidate has been released.
The GCC 9 branch is frozen for preparation of the GCC 9.2 release.
All changes to the branch now require release manager approval.

Hi, Jakub. If at all possible, I'd like to request that a back port of PR c++/88095 [1] be included in the gcc 9.2 release.

The rationale for including this is that it is required for one of the approaches discussed in P1423 [2] (see [3]) that may be useful for some programmers to mitigate backward compatibility impact from the adoption of char8_t in C++20 via P0482 [4]. Having this feature working in 9.2 would give impacted programmers more time to evaluate their C++20 migration options.

The patch has already been integrated in trunk [5]. I verified that it applies cleanly against the gcc-9-branch (with the exception of the ChangeLog changes), and that tests complete successfully on Linux x86_64. There are no target dependencies involved in this change.



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