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Re: GSoC 2019

Hello Parashuram,

On Tue, Feb 12 2019, Shourya IIT B wrote:
> Respected Sir,
>        I am Parashuram Shourya from India. Currently, I am doing my
> Master’s in Geoinformatics from Centre of Studies in Resources
> Engineering(CSRE),
> Indian Institute of Technology Bombay(IITB). I have a Bachelor's degree in
> Computer Science and Engineering.
> Currently, I am learning Machine Learning and High-Performance Computing. I
> have vast programming experience in C, C++, Python
>       I would love to contribute to GNU Compiler Collection in the upcoming
> Google Summer of Code 2019. I would be very grateful to get any directions
> to start with so that I can pursue and participate in GSoC 2019 with your
> organization.

we are delighted you found contributing to GCC interesting.  Please look
again at the "Before you apply" section of our GSoC wiki page at and make sure you
are able to build, install and test GCC and then have it generate dumps
and step through some function during compilation.

Afterwards, if you still find contributing to GCC appealing, look at
a suggested idea, try to identify the portion of GCC source which is
involved and email us back to the mailing list, describing which idea
you liked best and what your thoughts about it are.

Good luck,


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