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Re: Segfault Question

On 2018-12-17 10:23 a.m., Nathan Sidwell wrote:
> On 12/17/18 10:11 AM, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
>> The second snippet is his suggested fix for the caller of tsubst_expr
>> in expand_concept. That would have been a lot more helpful as a patch:
>> --- a/gcc/cp/
>> +++ b/gcc/cp/
>> @@ -563,7 +563,7 @@ expand_concept (tree decl, tree args)
>>     ++processing_template_decl;
>>     tree result = tsubst_expr (def, args, tf_none, NULL_TREE, true);
>>     --processing_template_decl;
>> -  if (result == error_mark_node)
>> +  if (result == error_mark_node || t == NULL_TREE)
>>       return error_mark_node;
>>     /* And lastly, normalize it, check for implications, and save
>> The point is that tsubst_expr can return NULL_TREE, we should check for it.
> Are there cases that tsubst_expr returns NULL when the incoming T is non-null?  I.e. I'm hypothesizing DEF is NULL already.
> nathan

Sorry about my miscommunication before it. 
As for Nathan's comment you could be right. But the bug reports
two concept calls in gdb where only one crashes according to it.
However I managed to track down the differences to  this occurring with the seg fault caller:
#45 0x00000000008f3dfa in (anonymous namespace)::satisfy_associated_constraints (args=0x7ffff70ca4a0, ci=0x7ffff70ca3c0) at ../../gcc/gcc/cp/cp-tree.h:1446
versus without:
#30 0x00000000008f55f2 in (anonymous namespace)::tsubst_compound_requirement (in_decl=0x0, complain=0, args=0x7ffff70bfde8, t=0x7ffff70bf528) at ../../gcc/gcc/tree.h:3658

Don't know why this would cause issues:

in gcc/tree.h on line 1448. Any ideas?


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