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Re: New jump threading issue

On 07/12/2018 22:41, Segher Boessenkool wrote:
On Fri, Dec 07, 2018 at 05:57:39PM +0000, Andrew Stubbs wrote:
Since the postreload_jump pass was added I'm having trouble with the AMD
GCN port.

[ snip a lot ]

It seems thread_jump does not notice your scc in its "nonequal" regset,
so it thinks every later jump is based on the same scc setting as the
first, which explains this behaviour.  Is this true, and if so, what
causes it?

It looks like thread_jump (or maybe mark_effect) is broken when a cjump also clobbers the condition register.

If I remove the clobber from the machine description then all is well (as long as there are none of the "far" branches that clobber scc).

There are a few issues here:

1. The clobber on the first cjump is not taken into account (AFAICT).

2. The clobber on the second cjump is irrelevant, but causes the bit to get cleared.

3. I'm not sure I understand the logic of why mark_effect clears the nonequal bit for clobbers at all; surely a clobber makes something "non-equal" just as effectively as a set?

Is it even possible for jump threading to work when the register is clobbered? (It's not obvious to me that reloading the same condition would be detected by this algorithm, but then I don't quite follow the "equals" logic, yet.)

Any suggestions what an acceptable fix might be?



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