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Obsolete Solaris 10 support

Solaris 10 is reaching the end of its support live, as can be seen in
the following overview based on,

Release	   GA Date  Last     Premier  Extended GCC
		    Update   Support  Support  Obsoletion Removal

Solaris 8  Feb 2000 Feb 2002 Mar 2009 Mar 2012 Mar 2011   Mar 2012
Solaris 9  Mar 2002 Sep 2005 Oct 2011 Oct 2014 May 2013   Apr 2014
Solaris 10 Jan 2005 Jan 2013 Jan 2018 Jan 2021 May? 2019  May? 2020

Also, there's an increasing number of failures and workarounds for as
and ld bugs necessary, which makes continued support for that 13 year
old OS version more and more of a nuisance.

Besides, here's what I found when checking gcc-testresults postings for
Solaris 10 by anyone but myself since 2016:

Release		2016	2017	2018

6.x		3	2
7.x			2	1
8.x				4

Therefore I think it's time to obsolete support for that version in GCC 9,
thus removing it in GCC 10.

I'm going to post patches for the actual obsoletion and an entry for
wwwdocs shortly.


Rainer Orth, Center for Biotechnology, Bielefeld University

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