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ThreadStack Project: a new innovative open source software for multi-thread computing

I have developed a new open source software as a result of a scientific
research and I want to share my study with scientists and/or software

ThreadStack is an innovative software which produces a class library for
C++ multi-thread programming and the outcome of the ThreadStack acts as an
autonomous management system for the thread synchronization tasks.
ThreadStack has a nice and useful graphical user interface and includes a
short tutorial and code examples. ThreadStack offers a new way for
multi-thread computing and it uses a meta program in order to produce an
application specific thread synchronization library. Therefore, the
programmer must read the tutorial to be able to use the software. The
tutorial includes the main designs of the program.

Not surprisingly, application development with the ThreadStack is much more
easy than the classical C++ threading libraries thanks to the its
autonomous management system. Currently, ThreadStack runs only on Linux
based operating systems. In the near future, it will be runnable for the
other operating systems. An academic journal submission has been performed
for the study and the scientific introduction of the project will be
readable from an academic journal as soon as possible.

I believe that I can improve my knowledge and my software may be better
with your advices. ThreadStack can be downloaded from sourcefource and link
is given in below.

I am waiting your valuable comments.

Thanks and best regards.

Erkam Murat Bozkurt,

M. Sc Control Systems Engineering.

Istanbul / Turkey

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