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Re: Call for volunteers: GCC Bugzilla account approval

On Tue, Jun 20, 2017 at 5:54 AM, Frank Ch. Eigler <> wrote:
> David Edelsohn <> writes:
>> [...]
>> Because of SPAM, the GCC Community had to disable the creation of new
>> accounts.  We need a few dedicated, reliable individuals who can
>> review account requests and manage the process of authorizing Bugzilla
>> accounts.  [...]
> It would to have y'all also figure out what "review" consists of: what
> degree of vetting do you expect?  If it's nothing but "copy data into
> web form, hit POST", then maybe this role isn't worth being filled by
> a human being.
> - FChE

Back when I attempted to register on the tracker I was told to send an
email to an administration address. A few days later I was told I
needed to confirm a new account.

Closing the default registration for the web portal seems like it
would have most of the effect but would be liable to scare away some
users. This might be bad, there's some indication that there are
longstanding bugs in GCC that simply go unreported as people continue
to work around them at the distribution level. E.g. I was registering
to comment on a bug about the "-ftrapv" option that has been open for
nearly a decade. That said, I can't imagine there are many new
registrations per month.

I've since encountered one other website that does fully manual
verification, but they accepted entries from the usual registration
page for their web portal and an administrator followed up with a
friendly question.

Inasmuch as the issue needs to be discussed, that is what I can think
of that might be relevant.


P.S. David, not that I mind everyone knowing of my interest, but I
didn't reply publicly. This list seems to expect people to not want to
reply to the list by default, as hitting "reply" stuffs the responder
into the TO field and the message doesn't get sent to the list. This
was my intent in this case, so sorry if the message was confusing.

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