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Re: Adoption of C subset standards

> On Jan 9, 2017, at 1:28 PM, Richard Kenner <> wrote:
>> Regardless of that sort of issue, I think on previous occasions when the
>> topic of MISRA (or other coding standard) checking came up, there has
>> been a general opinion from the gcc developers that the compiler itself
>> is not the best place for this sort of checking - they recommend an
>> external tool, and don't want the main code base cluttered with such
>> specific warnings for the dozens of coding standards in common use.
> Note that there's also a legal issue here: when one has to obtain a
> license from MISRA.

I suspect there are vast quantities of coding guidelines out there, some of which may make some sense while others may not.  I don't see a good reason why one particular club should have its suggestions embodied in GCC code.

But as for a license, it's hard to see why that might be.  You can't copyright rules (only a particular expression of same, and only to the extend that the "sweat of the brow" rule doesn't apply).  And it doesn't sound like patentable matter either.  That said, if some outfit thinks it can ask for licensing on matter of this kind, that in itself is in my mind sufficient to exclude them from any consideration.


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