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using C++ STL containers in GCC/gfortran source code

Hi all,

I recently ran into some discussion with Jakub about using std::string
in gfortran (see PR 78822), which got me curious about some general
points ...

What I'd like to know is: In the current state of things in GCC, is it
possible/reasonable to use any of the STL containers (like
std::vector, std::string, whatever) in GCC and its front ends (in
particular gfortran)?

That question has two parts:
1) Is it technically possible at all? Are there drawbacks/pitfalls?
(In particular Jakub mentioned possible memory management issues, i.e.
xmalloc vs malloc etc.)
2) If technically possible, is it encouraged? I didn't find any
statement about STL in the GCC coding conventions

Looking through the current GCC code base, it seems that mostly the Go
FE is making extensive use of the things like std::string and
std::vector, while other parts only use such things rarely.

Basically the only STL construct used in the Fortran FE right now
seems to be std::swap, and a single instance of std::map in
trans-common.c. Would there be a general problem with using
std::string in gfortran?


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