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Re: Bug in gcc.c for_each_path() (leads to invalid crt0.o selection)?

On 06/12/16 18:09, Joseph Myers wrote:
On Tue, 6 Dec 2016, Sebastian Huber wrote:

thanks for the detailed explanation. I guess, then the root cause for my
problem is that the Newlib provided crt0.o files in the build tree are not in
the same relative location of the installation tree. In the build tree, they
reside in a "newlib" subdirectory. I changed the Newlib build flags set by GCC
to use -L instead of -B and this seems to work (comment is wrong now). Does it
make sense to submit such a patch or has it maybe some nasty side-effects?
I don't know what the effects of such a change might be.

Using -L instead of -B had the same problems. My attempt to fix this problem is this patch:

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