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Re: Re: Re: Adding a new thread model to GCC

Oh I missed the build-in specs in gcc/config/i386/mingw32.h and it was lack of -lmcfgthread in it that caused the failure. Stage 1 seemed ok.
Already hacked that. Rebuilding.

Apologize for that.

Best regards,

åääïJonathan Wakely <>
åéææï2016-04-18 16:59
äéïRe: Re: Adding a new thread model to GCC

On 18 April 2016 at 08:39, lh_mouse wrote:
> I have added a thread model and added its corresponding header files. But it failed the linker.
> The file 'gcc/libgcc/config/i386/t-mingw-pthread' which contained two lines:
>   SHLIB_PTHREAD_CFLAG = -pthread
>   SHLIB_PTHREAD_LDFLAG = -Wl,-lpthread
> I copied the file to 'gcc/libgcc/config/i386/t-mingw-mcfgthread' and modified the two lines to:
>   SHLIB_PTHREAD_CFLAG = -lmcfgthread
>   SHLIB_PTHREAD_LDFLAG = -Wl,-lmcfgthread
> It didn't work and I got a number of undefined references. The command line that invoked the linker didn't include either option.
> How to solve this problem?

What are the linker errors? When do they happen?

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