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Re: m68k / coldfire target

On 04/17/2016 02:19 PM, Angelo Dureghello wrote:
Dear all,

i submitted some months ago 2 issues on cross-building gcc for the
m68k/coldfilre family.

These issues are connected, and probably the first one is invalid,
due to the fact that as default only m68k (not coldfire) libgcc is
On the other hand, using --with-arch=cf breaks the build (second bug).

My impression is that there are no much resources allocated for this.
As you can see there were some replies, but after months seems no
one closed or finally fixed the bugs.

I am not much expert in the gcc internal source so unfortunately
i can't offer my help too much here.

Every feedback is appreciated.
m68k isn't a priority for any of the developers; I usually try to flush out any m68k bugs I can each October in preparation for the spring release. And even that work is probably more time than the m68k really deserves at this point.

So they're not ignored, but they're way down on the priority list.


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