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distro test rebuild using GCC 6

Here are some first results from a distro test rebuild using GCC 6. A snapshot of the current Ubuntu development series was taken on 20151218 for all architectures (amd64, arm64, armhf, i386/i686, powerpc, ppc64el, s390x), and rebuilt unmodified using the current GCC 5 branch, and using GCC 6 20160101 (then updated to 20160109).

The build logs for package builds regressing with GCC 6 can be found at (918 packages, compared to around 500 regressions seen in GCC 5)

extracted from

The GCC 6 packages can be found at
GCC 6 packages for Debian are in Debian/experimental.

Bug reports for all ICEs were submitted to the GCC bug tracker, excluding some where cc1/cc1plus was killed by the OS (haskell-src-exts, octomap, plasma-desktop, seqan (all arm64), freeorion (ppc64el).

I haven't yet looked into the build failures except for the ICEs. If somebody wants to help please let me know so that work isn't duplicated.

I'm planning to do a second test rebuild for Debian/unstable (amd64 only) in early Feb.


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