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Re: Offer of help with move to git

Jason Merrill <>:
> First, thanks a lot for the offer of help; I'm happy to take you up on it
> rather than do it all myself.

One important and messy part is just winding up - assembling a contributor
map so we'll have proper DVCS IDs everywhere.

> On 08/24/2015 12:54 PM, Joseph Myers wrote:
> >FWIW, Jason's own trial conversion with reposurgeon got up to at least
> >45GB memory consumption on a 32GB repository.
> It ended up being about 65GB.  Fortunately I regularly use a machine with
> 128GB, so that isn't a big deal.  And the trial conversion took less than a
> day; I didn't get an exact time.

I'm waiting for an additional 32GB to get here so my poor memory-limited Great
Beast can cope (and when did you last hear *that* said about a machine
with 32GB of RAM?)

Note: Purchase will be funded by the first month's pledges from my rather-more-
successful-than-expected Patreon page,

> I'd like to use the --legacy flag so that old references to SVN commits are
> easier to look up.

Your call, but ... I don't recommend it.  It's very cluttery, and I've found the
demand for that kind of lookup tends to drop off after conversion faster than
people expect it will.

> With respect to Joseph's point about periodic deletion and re-creation of
> branches, it looks like reposurgeon dutifully models them as deletion and
> re-creation of the entire tree, which is understandable but not ideal.  It
> also warns about these with, e.g.,
>   reposurgeon: mid-branch deleteall on refs/heads/master at <184996>.
> Looking over the instances of this warning, it seems that in most cases it
> was branch maintainers deciding to blow away the entire branch and start
> over because svn mergeinfo had gotten too confused.  I think in all of these
> cases the right thing is to pretend that the delete/recreate never happened.

Perhaps, but there be dragons here.  Without those deletealls you could
easily end up with incorrect head-revision content. Before you try anything
clever here, examine the final repo state to see whther it looks like "the
delete/recreate never happened" - it very well might.

> Unfortunately, it looks like reposurgeon doesn't deal with gcc SVN's
> subdirectory branches any better than git-svn.  It does give a diagnostic
> about them:
> reposurgeon: branch links detected by file ops only: branches/suse/
> branches/apple/ branches/st/ branches/gcj/ branches/csl/ branches/google/
> branches/linaro/ branches/redhat/ branches/ARM/ tags/ix86/ branches/ubuntu/
> branches/ix86/
> though this is an incomplete list.  There are also also branches/ibm,
> branches/dead, tags/apple, tags/redhat, tags/csl, and tags/ubuntu.
> Ideally the conversion tool would just recognize that these are
> subdirectories containing branches rather than branches themselves. Neither
> git-svn nor reposurgeon currently do that, they both just treat them as one
> big branch.  This is easy enough to fix after the fact with git
> filter-branch:
> but you might want to improve reposurgeon to handle this pattern directly.

Look closely at branchify_map. I think we may be able to use it to get the
effect you want.

Is 'jason' your preferred username everywhere?  I'll set up write access
to the conversion-machinery repo for you if you like.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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