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Re: Repository for the conversion machinery

DJ Delorie <>:
> > If you want your commits to be attributed to two different addresses
> > in the git conversion, you need to tell me how to specify two
> > different selection sets so I can write assign statements and two
> > trivial "authors read" commands affecting them only.
> >
> > assuming that the names m32c and djgpp have been properly bound.
> Since I have no idea what you mean by "properly bound", or even where
> these names come from, I don't know how to define rules based on them.

I gave an example in an earlier post.  This is a typical assignment statement

(<1>..<14639> & /master/b) | /premerge-fsf-branch/b assign gcc2 

It binds a name, gcc2, to a selection set of revisions.  Subsequently the
reosurgeon minilanguage will recognize <gcc2> anywhere it would take
a selection-set expression.

For more about how to compose these, see the reposurgeon manual:

> The only realiable way I can think of is to look at which address I
> used in the ChangeLog entry that is part of each commit.  After all,
> that's what ChangeLog entries are for.

I don't have an automated way to do this.  The reposurgeon minilanguage
has the ability to look inside ChangeLog blobs, but it doesn't have
the control structures that would be required to do what you are suggesting.

Somebody would need to write a custom Python extension to reposurgeon,
and that somebody would probably have to be me.  It seems like a lot
of work to do something that throws away having a 1:1 ID to contributor

Is there any way to identify changes to a port by the paths of the
modified filenames? If so, this would get much easier.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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