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Re: 33 unknowns left

Joseph Myers <>:
> Two of the three root commits then are to the /hooks directory.  That 
> directory should be omitted from the conversion (it doesn't make sense to 
> convert SVN hooks to git, any more than we converted the CVSROOT files to 
> SVN - Jason will be working on the git hooks needed).

Good, that answers a question I was going to have to ask at some point.

> At some point we need to work out the mapping for which subdirectories of 
> /branches are actual branches and which contain branches a level lower 
> down.  In general I expect that subdirectories containing a ChangeLog file 
> are branches and those that don't are not branches, but the list of those 
> that are not branches should be reviewed manually (premerge-fsf-branch at 
> least *is* a branch not a container, despite only containing a directory).  
> In general, we should have a public git repository somewhere with all the 
> configuration for the conversion, such as the author map and the 
> configuration for branches.

Yes, it is my normal practice to set up a publicly visible repo with
the conversion machinery so the project members can review it.

I'll have one up within a few days.  After the additional RAM arrives.
		<a href="";>Eric S. Raymond</a>

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