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Re: 33 unknowns left

On August 26, 2015 9:31:20 PM GMT+02:00, "Eric S. Raymond" <> wrote:
>After comparing with the Subversion hists, passswd file, the are 30
>unknowns left.  Can anyone identify any of these?
>aluchko = aluchko <aluchko>
>bo = bo <bo>
>bson = bson <bson>
>cks = cks <cks>
>click = click <click>
>dennisg = dennisg <dennisg>
>erik = erik <erik>
>fp = fp <fp>
>friedman = friedman <friedman>
>fx = fx <fx>
>hassey = hassey <hassey>
>ira = ira <ira>
>irar = irar <irar>

Ira Rosen 

Did you consider looking at past changes to MAINTAINERS?  All committees should have appeared there (usually with e-mails not equal to their username though).  And all committers did their initial commit with a change adding themselves to MAINTAINERS.


>jrv = jrv <jrv>
>jtw = jtw <jtw>
>karl = karl <karl>
>kristerw = kristerw <kristerw>
>matthewg = matthewg <matthewg>
>membar = membar <membar>
>mib = mib <mib>
>miles = miles <miles>
>mkoch = mkoch <mkoch>
>moore = moore <moore>
>mycroft = mycroft <mycroft>
>rolfh = rolfh <rolfh>
>srladd = srladd <srladd>
>steven = steven <steven>
>thomas = thomas <thomas>
>woepaul = woepaul <woepaul>
>wood = wood <wood>

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