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Re: Proposal for adding splay_tree_find (to find elements without updating the nodes).

>> Thanks for the feedback, they were really helpful. I have updated the patch. Please review this.
>> Also, although I run `make check` while compiling gcc (with bootstrap enabled), I'm not sure if 'omp' related tests were exercised.
>> I'm still unfamiliar with several components of gcc. Any pointers on how to ensure all tests were run, would be useful.
> should help, though unfortunately
> you'll probably find the easiest way to check for regressions is to do
> one run of straight trunk, then another with your patch.  Saddly a bunch
> of people have own scripts to deal with administrivia, but there isn't a
> standardized way that's simple.

I would recommend going through

at least once. If you find something wrong, confusing or not answered
there, please ask here and CC me, and I will NOT answer you ;) what I
will do is update it, so the answer is there for you but also for the
next person that comes after you.

Of course, it is a wiki, anyone can update it and they are welcome to do it.



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