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Re: Re: Why not implementation of interrupt attribute on IA32/x86-64


This is slightly off-topic, but there seems to be lots of different interrupt attributes in gcc, one for each different processor, which, in many instances, seem almost the same with different names. also, gcc could decide on the attribute behaviour depending on the target it compiles for.

I wonder if there are plans to revise and clean them, or, as there might be code already using them that should not be broken, define some unified ones that make more sense.

Just mentioning, as I've programmed for several hardware platforms and is the kind of thing that looks really ugly in gcc.

David F.

On 13/03/15 14:08, Andi Kleen wrote:
Didier Garcin<>  writes:

many OS hobbyist developpers would be pleased GCC implements the
interrupt or interrupt_handler attribute for Intel architecture.

Would it be so difficult to implement for this architecture ?
There are lots of different ways to implement interrupts on x86
(e.g. what state to save, what registers to set up). It would
be unlikely that gcc would select a subset that worked for most

You're better off with a assembler wrapper that does exactly the
setup you want.


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