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"openacc" Bugzilla keyword (was: [patch] OpenACC fortran front end)

libcpp how-to question: Tokenizing and spaces & tabs â or special Fortran needs

error: âggc_alloc_cleared_machine_functionâ was not declared in this scope

[Aarch64] LRA

[CFT, Darwin] libffi merge from upstream

[committed] Improve e.54.2.c testcase

Re: [gimple-classes, committed 4/6] tree-ssa-tail-merge.c: Use gassign

[match-and-simplify] out of memory allocation error

Re: [PATCH 0/4] OpenMP 4.0 offloading to Intel MIC

[patch, build] Restore bootstrap in building libcc1 on darwin

[PATCH] Add gimple-compat.h (was Re: [gimple-classes, committed 4/6] tree-ssa-tail-merge.c: Use gassign)

[PATCH] Fix regressions in libgomp testsuite: set flag_fat_lto_objects for offload

Re: [PATCH] gcc parallel make check

[PATCH] gcc/testsuite: guality.exp: Fix `test_counts' restoration

[RFC] is-a.h supporting casting from non const to const

[RFC] UBSan unsafely uses VRP

Re: [RFD] Using the 'memory constraint' trick to avoid memory clobber doesn't work

About the GCC mirror on igor.onlinedirect.bg

Re: add support for debugging output

Ann: MELT plugin 1.1.3 for GCC 4.8 & 4.9

arm/thumb broken on head

Bernd Schmidt appointed as nvptx port maintainer

C++ FE relying on not folding stuff for constexprs?

C++ headers vs safe-ctype.h

clang vs free software

Comparing tree types

Crowdsourcing - Help with experiment using GCC

David Malcolm as JIT subsystem maintainer

Enabling -fextended-identifiers by default

Re: GCC 5 fallout: libdata/pkgconfig/libgcj-5.0.pc

GCC 5 Status Report (2014-11-17), Stage 3 in effect now

GCC 5.0 Status Report (2014-11-03), Stage 1 ends Nov 15th

GCC Bugzilla disables caching of linked content

GCC OSX Binaries

gcc-4.8-20141106 is now available

gcc-4.8-20141113 is now available

gcc-4.8-20141120 is now available

gcc-4.8-20141127 is now available

gcc-4.9-20141105 is now available

gcc-4.9-20141112 is now available

gcc-4.9-20141119 is now available

gcc-4.9-20141126 is now available

gcc-4_9 inlines less funcs than gcc-4_8 because of used_as_abstract_origin flag.

gcc-5-20141102 is now available

gcc-5-20141109 is now available

gcc-5-20141116 is now available

gcc-5-20141123 is now available

gcc-5-20141130 is now available

Getting a build failure in glibc due to gcc changes on 32bit x86 glibc

graphite in -O3

How is libtool updated in GCC?

Re: How to access the function body of a constructor?

Re: how to keep a hard register across multiple instrutions?

How to prune tests that are too large for a tiny memory model in libstdc++?

I want you to take a look at it immediately!

ICE in 4.8.2 with compound literal

Inconsistent GOT base pointer register usage in x86-64 psABI

Latest trunk does not build

Legal paperwork for GCC contributions

libcc1 breaks bootstrap on darwin

libgcc - SJLJ probe failing on head on h8300 & m32c

libgomp: "GNU OpenMP Runtime Library" (was: [PATCH 1/5] OpenACC 2.0 support for libgomp - OpenACC runtime, NVidia PTX/CUDA plugin (repost))

libstdc++ testsuite make targets check-parallel and check-performance don't work anymore

Loop invariant motion from cold block

LTO IPA inline decisions in GCC trunk.

RE: Machine description and code generation

Match-and-simplify and COND_EXPR

Re: Maxim Kuvyrkov appointed Android sub-port reviewer

Merge of jit branch to svn trunk as r217374

Merging the ./config directory between GCC and Binutils

Missing git tags for released GCC

missing warnings with -Warray-bounds

More explicit what's wrong with this: FAILED: Bootstrap (build config: lto; languages: all; trunk revision 217898) on x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu

More useful support for low-end ARM architecture

mt_allocator.cc assumes sizeof(size_t) == sizeof(void *)

Nov Confirmed Classes

optab handler for floating point to interger "fix" is not generated

RE: Optimized Allocation of Argument registers

RE: ping: MPX ABI extension

Pushing recent libtool fix to binutils-gdb and newlib/libgloss

Query about the TREE_TYPE field

Question about synchronising libffi

Question on param MAX_PENDING_LIST_LENGTH in sched-deps

Re: Recent go changes broke alpha bootstrap

RFC: Move .plt after .text in x86-64 binaries

RFC: Update ISL under gcc/infrastructure/ ? // Remove CLooG?

Re: RFC: Update ISL under gcc/infrastructure/ ? // Remove CLooG?

Re: selective linking of floating point support for *printf / *scanf


Re: Testing Leak Sanitizer?

testing policy for C/C++ front end changes

ubsan, asan testing is broken due to coloring

weak pthread symbols in libgcc/gthr-posix.h cause issues

What is R_X86_64_GOTPLT64 used for?

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