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Re: Builtin: stack pointer

On 03/27/14 04:20, Renato Golin wrote:
Hi Jakub,

Just to make it clear, I'm not an official representative of Clang, or
LLVM, nor I was involved in all discussions about implementing
extensions either. I do not have an agenda to promote LLVM changes.
I also don't speak for either clang nor the Linux kernel, but merely for the LLVMLinux project team.

However, I am trying to promote change to both code bases such that the Linux kernel can be compiled with both gcc and clang. Indeed both myself and others in the project send patches upstream to both code bases.

__builtin_stack_pointer is an idea from a couple of us on the LLVMLinux project. Renato is merely helping us out connecting us to the right people to talk to.

To me this sounds like clang proposing extensions because they aren't
willing to implement existing extensions, not a good reason to change.
Actually the proposal was more about making it easier to solve this particular problem in a way which might be acceptable to all parties.

I'm open to all suggestions.


Behan Webster

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