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Re: GCC internal re-architecture proposal

On Fri, Jun 21, 2013 at 5:27 PM, Andrew MacLeod <> wrote:
> [ I foolishly sent this with the document as an attachment... hopefully it
> gets rejected and anyone interested can simply download the document from
> the wiki..]
> Over the past couple of months, I've slowly been putting together an action
> plan to help modernize GCC's source base.  We've had various ideas put forth
> over the years, and a few of the more meritorious ones have been
> incorporated.  My primary goal is to disentangle the front end from the
> middle/back ends, giving us better control over their data structures.
> The biggest challenge is having an executable plan which allows the source
> to be updated incrementally.   Ie, we need a way to get from 'Here' to
> 'There' that does not impact ongoing normal activities, nor noticeably
> affect the performance of the compiler.  This is a huge effort and it will
> require a large time commitment on my part to see it through.

Sorry for following up on this old e-mail but it just occured to me that
the (unfinished) GIMPLE frontend would be a great place to bootstrap
the new and shiny GIMPLE data structures.

Of course for it to work you need to translate that back to fat-and-old GIMPLE
and eventually finish the textual format dumping as well - not sure what
the state of the gimple frontend branch is.


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