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Re: Integration of ISL code generator into Graphite

Hi Mircea,

thank you for your comment! I wanted to say, that this AST-like
representation is an ISL AST containing only loops, conditions, and
statements (basic blocks). It will be differ from a CLooG AST in
representation of AST and, possibly, additional options of ISL AST

I'll try to eliminate this ambiguity in an improved version of the proposal.

2014-03-17 21:47 GMT+06:00 Mircea Namolaru <>:
> Hi,
> First, I fully agree that integration of the ISL code generator into Graphite will be an
> important step forward for Graphite development.
> Regarding the implementation I have a question - why a new AST-like representation is needed ?
> It is not possible to generate the code directly from the ISL AST (with possible addition of
> new attributes/transformations) ?
> Regards, Mircea
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>> From: "Roman Gareev" <>
>> To:
>> Cc: "Tobias Grosser" <>, "Albert Cohen" <>, "Mircea Namolaru"
>> <>
>> Sent: Friday, March 14, 2014 9:18:40 PM
>> Subject: Integration of ISL code generator into Graphite
>> Dear gcc contributors,
>> I am going to try to participate in Google Summer of Code 2014. My project
>> is "Integration of ISL code generator into Graphite".
>> My proposal can be found at on the following link
>> I would be very grateful for your comments, feedback and ideas about
>> its
>> improvement.
>> P.S. Sorry for the copy of this message, the previous one was declined by
>> -
>> Roman Gareev


               Cheers, Roman Gareev.

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