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RedHat patch not found in mainline gcc

At the company where I work, we have a large program using Boost
Python (1.54). We do our product builds for RHEL 5 and recently
started building using gcc 4.8 from RedHat devtoolset 2 for
performance. This works well, except for one system where it would
deterministically crash. I traced it to an old version of libgcc, and
specifically this patch, which RedHat applied to its 5.5 release in
2009: <>.
I built libgcc myself with and without the patch, with the program
crashing reliably without the patch, and no crash with the patch
applied. Unfortunately, gdb does not show a meaningful stack trace, at
least not the old version from RHEL 5.

When trying to find out a bit more about the patch, I was rather
surprised to see that (1) it is not applied to the mainline gcc code
and (2) it still applies cleanly. Since I don't have a good stack
trace, I cannot even try to build a suitable reproducer at the moment.

Is there a good reason for not having it in mainline gcc? I suppose it
got lost or forgotten somehow, and that it would be good to have it

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