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Re: Inquireries

Hello Alangi Derick & the GCC list

[your subject "Inquireries" is mispelled and not very explicit; probably
should be Gimple conversion to source code]

On Sat, 2014-03-15 at 13:30 +0100, Alangi Derick wrote:
>            The project name is: Converting different program
> representation levels of GCC back to the source code. It's not a
> trivial task but I saw substantial interest to that recently and it is
> found in the page. 

If you want to convert some Gimple back to C code, it is an interesting
project (but somehow difficult or even impossible, notably because of
of exceptions and Gimple code like GIMPLE_EH_FILTER, GIMPLE_CATCH
etc...). Plugins are probably a good way to make that. And the MELT
meta-plugin used to have some (incomplete) code -by
Jeremie Salvucci- which you could resurrect from

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