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       My name is Alangi Derick Ndimnain and i have been contributing
to the GCC organisation for some time now and i even got a message
from one of gcc admins that i am in one the top 50 gcc contributors
and that i should submit a proposal.
       I am a Computer Engineering student in Cameroon, University of
Buea. I saw a project in the gcc idea list and i want to work on it.
But my main problem now is that i don't know my mentor and i need him
so as to talk with him about the project.
           The project name is: Converting different program
representation levels of GCC back to the source code. It's not a
trivial task but I saw substantial interest to that recently and it is
found in the page. This project
really interests me because i want to be able to get my source codes
back if i lost them and i still have my executable files up and
         My main aim of writing to the mailing list is to tell the
other members informing them about the project i am working on and i
need to know my mentor on the project so that i can start working with
him/her her
                Thanks for your Understanding
                          Your Contributor Alangi Derick Ndimnain


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