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Completing GCC Go escape analysis in GSoC 2014

Hi, I'm a student interested in working on GCC and want to make a
proposal of GSoC 2014 on GCC Go escape analysis.

I 've read code under /gcc/testsuit/go.* the some source code of
gofrontend, and realization of escape analysis and furthermore
optimization is needed.

Right now I have come up with a small patch of escape test at the
beginning. My patch aims at test for whether escape analysis is
working. Then I want to start some small part of performance function
and write more tests for optimization. Am i on the right direction?
Thanks a lot if anyone can give me some advice.

Ray Li
package main



var glob_var = 0

func global1(p bool) {
	if p == true {
		glob_var = 987654321

//tests for escape as return
//variable v returned as the result of the current function
func escape1() int {
	v := 123
	return v
func escape1b() (int, int) {
	x, y := 123, 456
	return x, y				//both p and q escaped
func escape2(p *int) int {
	return *p

func escape2a(p, q *int) (*int, *int) {
	return p, q				//escaped
func escape2b(p, q *int) (*int, *int) {
	return escape2a(p, q)	//escaped
func escape3(p *int) *int {
	q := p
	if *p > 0 {
		return q			//p escaped
	} else {
		return nil

//tests for no escape
func noesc1(ptr *int) int {
	return *ptr				//not escape
func noesc2() {
	var p int
	q := noesc1(&p)			//not escape
	t := q
	_ = t
func noesc3() {
	var p int
	q := escape2(&p)		//not escape
	_ = q
func noesc4() {
	var p int
	q := escape2(&p)		//escape
	glob_var = q

type T struct {
	a, b int

func (t *T) foo(x int) (*T, bool) {
	t.a = x
	t.b = t.a + x
	return t, true			//escape as return
func f() *T {
	p, _ := new(T).foo(123)
	return p

//escape recursively
func escrecursive(p, q int) int {
	if p + q > 0 {
		return escrecursive(p-1, q-1)
	} else {
		return p * q		//escape as return and also this function become recursively escape

func main() {

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