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Re: [RFC] Introducing MIPS O32 ABI Extension for FR0 and FR1 Interlinking

Matthew Fortune <> writes:
> Are you're OK with automatically selecting fpxx if no -mfp option, no
> .module and no .gnu_attribute exists? Such code would currently end up
> as FP ABI Any even if FP code was present, I don't suppose anything
> would get worse if this existing behaviour simply continued though.

The -mfp setting is usually implied by the -mabi setting.  I don't
think we should change that.  Since this is a new mode, and since
the fpxx markup will be available from the start, everyone using
fpxx should say so explicitly.

E.g. maybe the rules should be:

(1) Any explicit .gnu_attribute 4 is always used, although we might
    give a diagnostic if it's incompatible with the module-level setting.

(2) Otherwise, if the code does not use FP then the attribute is left
    at the default of 0.

(3) Otherwise, a nonzero .gnu_attribute 4 is implied from the module-level

(4) For compatibility, -mabi=32 continues to imply -mfp32.  fpxx mode must
    be selected explicitly.

Which was supposed to be simple, but maybe isn't so much.


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