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Re: [AVR] remove two maintainers

2014-03-03 15:35 GMT+04:00 David Brown <>:
> On 02/03/14 19:24, Denis Chertykov wrote:
>> I would remove two maintainers for AVR port:
>> 1. Anatoly Sokolov <>
>> 2. Eric Weddington <>
>> I have discussed the removal with Anatoly Sokolov and he is agree with it.
>> I can't discuss the removal with Eric Weddington because his mail
>> address invalid.
>> Must somebody approve the removal ?  (Or I can just apply it)
>> Denis.
> Eric Weddington has left Atmel, so his address will no longer be valid.
>  I don't know if he still has time to work with AVRs, or if he would
> still be able to be a maintainer for the AVR port.  But I am pretty sure
> that his new job will not involve AVR's significantly, so it would only
> be as a hobby (or at best, as a normal avr gcc user).
> Atmel includes gcc in their development tool (AVR Studio), as well as
> providing pre-built packages (for Windows and Linux) with the avr-libc
> library and related tools, using snapshots of mainline gcc with a few
> patches (for things like support of newer devices).  So it seems
> reasonable to expect that they will be interested in the development and
> maintenance of the avr port of gcc even though Eric has now left them.
> If you would like, I can try to contact Atmel and ask if they have
> someone who would like to take Eric's seat as a port maintainer (or you
> could do so yourself from Atmel's website).

I'm not looking for additional maintainers I just want to remove inactive.


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